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Club Fitting

Club Fitting

Equipment Analysis and Club Fitting


Club Fitting at The Fort GC:
Two things are required to Play your best golf…
Proper technique and correct Equipment. Club Fitting is one of the most influential parts of a great player being great.

Our fitters have a combined 20+ years fitting and Brad Fellers has done over 1500 fits in his career for students ranging from beginners to professional players. Matt Glenn is currently the lead fitter for TaylorMade Golf in Indiana and Ohio and has done over 1000 fits. 

Using Flight scope, we can measure over twenty parameters of a shot and fit the proper equipment for players of all skill levels.

Club Fitting is not just about the driver and irons… wedges are the second most important component to scoring next to the putter and we have the experience and tools to dial in your short game. Shots inside 100 yards are a specialty of Brad Fellers and he is know in the Indy area as the “short game guru,” having multiple students visit him for short game work only even though they have other full swing coaches!

Proper equipment is key once again and wedge fitting includes bounce, loft, shaft and head material selection to make the most of those stroke saving shots.

We currently fit with all major brands including Ping, Titleist, TaylorMade, Callaway, and Cleveland/Srixon. 


Single Session: Up to 90 minutes

$90 with Matt Glenn
$125 with Brad Fellers

Full Bag:

Includes up to 90 minute first visit for initial fitting, where you are fit for driver/fairway wood/irons. Up to 90 minute second visit for restrike of initial clubs fit and gapping for hybrids/long fairways.

$150 with Matt Glenn
$200 with Brad Fellers

*Ask about our Junior rates


Flightscope club fitting